Ingredients of CapsiChili

CapsiChili’s main ingredient is capsaicin, which enhances body heat production, thus stimulating fat burning and suppressing hunger. Another important advantage is that it helps endurance and exerts its positive effect on the body without causing any unpleasant, pungent, burning sensation in the mouth or stomach.

In order to be able to enjoy the maximum benefits of capsaicinoids, you should consume 10 strong chili peppers a day. It would be almost impossible and dangerous for the stomach. With CapsiChili this is feasible. By consuming 2 capsules per day it is as if we were eating 10 chili peppers.

Lose weight without starving? Yes


CapsiChili also contains maltodextrin. Slowly absorbed maltodextrin can maintain a constant blood sugar and energy for a long time, so regular consumption allows you to lose weight without starvation. It does not cause digestion problems because it already breaks down glucose in the digestive tract. A great advantage of maltodextrin is that it provides enough energy to the tired body to achieve maximum performance and suppresses starvation. It is a great source of energy both for physical fatigue and diet.

In addition to maltodextrin, it contains locust bean flour, which protects and soothes the belly and significantly reduces hunger.

Chromium, iodine

CapsiChili also contains chromium and iodine, which are also indispensable during dieting and also have many beneficial effects.

Chromium significantly affects the functioning of the hormone insulin in the body, which plays an important role in regulating blood sugar levels. It also helps integrate amino acids and has a positive effect on metabolism. According to a one and a half months experiment, those who consumed chromium lost nearly 3 kg weight, but who did not lost only 1 kg.

Much of the iodine content of the body is found in the cervical thyroid gland, where it
produces hormones. These hormones affect the body’s metabolism speed, the calorie burning rate.