What is CapsiChili? And how does it work?

Fat burning without burning sensation? CapsiChili!

The CapsiChili is a new revolutionary slimming dietary supplement. CapsiChilli is really effective in the battle against overweight problems even if you have tried many different products unsuccessfully.

Consumption of  CapsiChili accelerates metabolism, reduces appetite, and supports fat burning. However, many other health benefits are also known. To avoid any misunderstanding, let us clarify some basic rules! There is no “panacea” that works while we are exorbitantly eating while sitting on the couch. We certainly have to work for it if we want to lose weight. It is important to change our diet, reduce carbohydrates and sugar but consume more protein, and at least minimal exercise should be introduced into our lifestyle. All of this helps CapsiChili to help you, as it reduces your appetite and gives you more energy. When you do this, you can count on a safe and effective slimming with CapsiChili!

The main ingredient of CapsiChili is capsaicin, that is made from an extract of an American chili pepper (1 mg / capsule, 2 capsules per day),  which effect on weight and body fat are backed by countless experiments.

Capsaicin is at its highest concentration on the inner wall of pepper, where the seeds are. This compound is responsible for the pungent taste of pepper.

Traditionally, pungency (spiciness/heat of pepper) is measured in SHU. This can be used to determine the concentration of capsaicin within the chili pepper. For comparison a spicy Tabasco sauce is around 5000 SHU, a jalapeño pepper is 2500-8000, the now Guinness recorder Carolina Reaper is 1 569 300 SHU, while the pure capsicum is 15 000 000 – 16 000 000 SHU.

Chilli pepper, containing capsaicin, has been used in diets for years. According to researches, those who consume chili pepper during a meal will eat less and have less snacks between meals, and starved later. Studies have shown that even a small amounts of capsaicin accelerates metabolism. Those who have regularly consumed CapsiChili have burned 116 calories a day for their body. This resulted to about 3400 extra calories burned over a month.

The positive effects of capsaicin in CapsiChili can be enjoyed without any inconvenience. There is no burning, pungent feeling, and does not hurt the stomach like much of the strong
peppers. CapsiChili is soluble in the intestine and not in the stomach.


The results may vary from one to another and may differ. We can not guarantee the results on this website!

The main ingredient of the Capsichili capsule is the Capsimax, a trademark registered substance of chili pepper. Information about its effect and impact are originated from the American company, OmniActive Health Technologies, the producer of CapsiMax, therefore Compuinvest does not take responsibility of using these information about the product.

The product does not replace a balanced and varied diet nor the daily physical activity required.

The effectiveness of the product can be significantly influenced by the low energy, fat and carbohydrate diet and the corresponding physical activity! (at least 20-30 minutes of intense movement.)