About us

We are all different – we differ based on our lifestyle, our daily routine, our age, and how our bodies work. That’s why there is no perfect solution for losing weight. Obtaining the optimal weight is not only important for the aesthetics but also for your health. That’s why the team behind Capsichili is paying a close attention to this area and you can read many useful articles on this topic on our site.

Since the beginning we always strive to fully satisfy the needs of our customers. The feedback and success stories of our thousands of satisfied customers shows that we are on the right track. Our future aim is to have more and more satisfied customers stand behind us.

We are happy to help you find the way towards a healthy lifestyle and to start living it as easily as possible. If you are still unsure and you could use some advice, please feel free to contact us.

Company informations

CompuInvest Ltd.
376-378 Brandon Street
Motherwell, ML1 1XA
United Kingdom